Custom Analytics and Insights
We provide enterprises with a single-pane of glass that includes accurate and verified insights for customer’s Web3 product and user data. Charts and metrics can include details on wallet demographics, retention analysis, user behavior, cross-chain analysis, and more.
Secure Off-Chain Data Integration
We help build custom data-ingestion streams for clients to securely incorporate off-chain data collected through channels such as Twitter, Discord, Google Analytics, etc., and also IRL data such as eCommerce or financial data from client’s ecosystem. Combining this data with on-chain metrics helps unlock additional insights and enables new experiences for the customer.
Machine Learning Forecasting and Targeting
Using Definitive’s proprietary deep learning model, clients are able to pre-determine likely buyers, volume of collection needed, and targeted price for each project. Definitive’s current model actively maps in real-time over 1.2 billion wallets across multiple chains; these models evolve over time and can be fine tuned for each client’s requirements.
Selve-Serve SQl Access
Definitive provides a managed cloud environment for clients, enabling enterprise teams to run SQL queries at any time from data indexed and verified by Definitive. Clients are not required to set up their own cloud infrastructure and can use any visualization tool as needed.
Verified Data Backed by Definitive
We provide a seal of authenticity, called Definitive Verified, to all analytics and insights shown. To provide this service, we allocate additional technical and infrastructure resources and becomes the source-of-truth for blockchain data. Output from Definitive Verified data can then be pointed to when reporting metrics to senior management, public, or the SEC.