Behind the scenes of Definitive

Meet the team behind Definitive.


Our story and how it all began

The Origin

We are Sunny Madra, Gavin Sherry, and Caleb Welton, the founders of Definitive. Our collective journey began at Pivotal—a spinout from EMC and VMware—where we merged our unique talents and visions to shape the future of data technology. With diverse experiences in entrepreneurship, software architecture, and data analytics, we led Pivotal's data business to new heights. But that was just the beginning.

The Autonomic Chapter

After identifying a pressing need in the automotive industry for an advanced cloud platform for vehicle data, we founded Autonomic. Our vision for the platform resonated deeply within the industry, culminating in its acquisition by Ford in 2018. This gave us an insider’s perspective into the automotive world and fueled our passion for leveraging technology to solve intricate data problems.

Introducing Definitive

The time at Ford served as a catalyst for us to ponder even grander challenges. Thus, we started Definitive, a groundbreaking venture aimed at transforming how large datasets are analyzed and utilized. Definitive employs automated agents to facilitate unprecedented depths of data analysis, a solution we've been contemplating for years.

Meet The Founders

Sunny Madra | Co-Founder & CEO | LinkedIn

A serial entrepreneur, Sunny brings a wealth of experience in recognizing and filling technological gaps. His first significant venture, Xtreme Labs, was acquired by Pivotal, setting the stage for what would become a powerhouse trio.

Gavin Sherry | Co-Founder & CTO | LinkedIn

An expert in data technology and scalable systems, Gavin joined the journey through Pivotal’s acquisition of Greenplum. His leadership in the data sector has been instrumental in shaping the direction of our ventures.

Caleb Welton | Co-Founder & Chief Architect | LinkedIn

Specializing in data analytics and systems architecture, Caleb completes our trio. Also joining Pivotal via the Greenplum acquisition, his technical insights have been invaluable in developing robust and scalable solutions.

Our Vision

At Definitive, our aim is to liberate organizations from the complexities of data analysis, enabling them to unlock hidden insights and make data-driven decisions with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency.

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey towards revolutionizing data analytics.